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IvySCIP: Supporting Data-Based Social and Emotional Learning Instruction for Students with Social Cognition Challenges. 2018 Nonpublic Special Education Conference: Fostering Student Success in Alternative Settings! Baltimore, MD: Proficio Consulting.
Cannon, L., & Müller, E.
(November 9, 2018)
Data-Based Social Emotional Learning Instruction for Students with High-Functioning Autism. Columbus, OH: OCALICON.
Müller, E. & Cannon, E.
(Nov. 14, 2018)
Implementing Comprehensive, Data-Driven Social & Emotional Learning Instruction for Students With High-Functioning Autism. Boston, MA: American Speech Language and Hearing Association (ASHA).
Müller, E., & Cannon, L.
(November 17, 2018)

A New Kind of Learning

IvySCIP is unique in its social cognitive approach to skill acquisition. Providing a rationale for each skill increases students’ intrinsic motivation and buy-in.

An Innovative New Platform

An innovative software package that supports data-driven social and emotional learning instruction for students with social cognition challenges. IvySCIP is an online program that includes an assessment tool, IEP goal builder, lesson plans and reports for the needs of each student.

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Informed by Rigorous Research

This teacher tool will build your expertise as a social and emotional learning (SEL) instructor.

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